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Nissan’s all-new 2015 Murano crossover looks like a winner. It’s stylish, comfortable and drives well, but these aren’t the only feathers in its cap. Quality should be another one of this vehicle’s strong suits.

'As of today the Murano is the best launch that we’ve had in the Americas, period,' said Adam Strean, senior manager of vehicle program management at Nissan. Analyzing things gone wrong during the first three months of ownership he noted, 'The previous leader for launch quality was Rogue and we’ve improved on their performance by 25 percent at this point,' though he mentioned they’re likely doing even better than that.

Quality hasn’t necessarily been one of this company’s strong suits. Rivals like Toyota and Honda are consistently lauded for top-notch dependability, but Nissan’s performance has been inconsistent. In fact, Consumer Reports only recommends four of the company’s vehicles, the Frontier, Maxima,Rogue and Versa Note. Additionally several of its products have poor projected reliability.

Of course third-party quality data does not exist at this time because the 2015 Murano just launched but if Nissan’s internal figures are to be believed how did they reach this dependability milestone?
Read more about the How Nissan is Working to Improve its Quality at
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