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How soon to first wax?

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Just picked up my '12 HB SL, Mag. Grey metallic, last night and I'm wondering how long are you waiting before you first apply wax?

I noticed another thread where it was mentioned that these have thin paint. Glad I saw that because my first step with most fac. clear-coat paint is a ultra fine (2500) color sand and polish to level the orange peel and finish with Zaino topcoats. The surface on mine isn't terrible and certainly not worth risking trashing it with sanding.

I'm actually looking forward to doing this since the Versa has about 1/4 the surface area of my last car :)
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I did mine after it's 1st wash, only bad part was using Turtle Wax Black Box POS...., now using NXT
I waxed mine like a month after I got it because I removed the pinstripe and Versa emblem so I wanted to protect those areas. I usually wax it every 6 months.
Thanks for the feedback guys...Looks like I'll be getting out the Zaino this weekend :)
I would think the sooner the better. I usually do a cleaner wax first then a protective synthetic wax after.
I would suggest to wash and wax it at least once a week
Another Zaino Zombie like me. :)

Love that stuff. They must purposely make it all smell good to make us use more.

Nowadays, I find myself being lazy and just using the All-In-One polish or a quick spray of Z6.
No need to wait longer then 30 days for a vehicle factory painted since the paint is baked on.

I used to use NXT car shampoo and NXT synthetic wax but now I am using Wet Paint. I generally clay bar once or twice a year and apply wax once or twice a month.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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