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I know i'm new here to the Versa world, but I've read a lot of post about adding an AUX input to the factory radio, and most post just said to replace the radio. Well! I really don't want to do that. I guess i'm one of the lucky ones, because my factory radio really sounds great, and I've been installing car systems for over 20 years, and I can say that my Versa does sound great. So.To all the ones who have a great sounding Versa and want to keep it Factory, Here you are.

First your going to need four things,

2. A "Aux Input 5v iPod Touch Nano iPhone 3G 3GS 2 x RCA A39"

3. A Toggle Switch. (Items 1 & 2. You can find on

4. A Drill or a Soldering Iron.

(IF!!!) "If you know what your doing!"

Remove the top part of your Top vent with a small prying tool.
It should pop right up. be careful not to break or crack it.
Now remove the two screws at the top of the vent, and slowly pull back on the plate covering the radio, it comes right off, now unplug the Hazard light plug on the right side, and next unplug the plug to the Airbag plug, be careful not to remove it to fast, because you may trigger the Airbag.
Now remove the four screws holding the radio in place, now removing the plugs from the back of the radio and set the radio to the side.

(To get a better idea on how to do this, go to Youtubes
Nissan Versa Stereo Removal 2007-2011)

Once you've followed the removal steps and have taken out the radio, take a test light and with the key turned forward for power, test the second wire from the Black wire, after grounding the test light, touch the point of the test light to the plug in which the
second wire is connected and it should light up.
Once you've found the power wire turn the key back to the off position.
Now that you've found the power line, lets do a pre-hook up before connecting everything.

Take grounds of the WIRELESS FM MODULATOR and the iPhone 3G 3GS 2 x RCA A39 and connect them together and using one of the radio mounting screws and hole ground the wires to the car.

Next connect a 12'' inch 14 gauge Electric power wire to the power line you found on the plug, and connect the other end to the toggle switch.
Now connect the two red positive wire together, and connect them to the free end of the toggle switch.
Connect the plugs back into the radio, turn the key forward to get power, now turn the radio to 87.7 plug in your Ipod or you MP3 player, making sure that you've turned down the volume on the radio, and turn on the Ipod and listen to how clean it sounds.
The best part is that the Ipod cable charges the ipod.
O.K everything works great.
Now at the bottom of the dash to the right, find a spot about 1 and a half inches to the left of the glove box, dill a half inch hole.
Now permanently connect all of the wires and place the toggle switch in the half inch hole and placing the lock bolt on the toggle switch.
Now take some double sided tape and place on the back of the WIRELESS FM MODULATOR and stick it to the wall behind the radio.
Run your wires behind the dash so that it comes out on the right side of the dash, and run them until they come out to the first cup holder. Now put it all back the way you took it apart and enjoy. And because I work for O'Reillys Auto parts, I bought this,
Custom Accessories - Phone Holder
Part # 23024
Line: CA: grin
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