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This is my first DIY so it may not be the best haha.

Description: How to add keyless entry on the base 2nd generation Nissan Versa. The door locks use cables, not rods, which makes it difficult to install actuators but I will show you a trick on how to get it working.

Wire stripper/cutter, multimeter, quick connectors & pliers (or butt splices), two 30A 12V relays (85,86,30,87a,87), four universal high power actuators, screwdrivers (phillips, torx), power drill with metal bits, and finally the keyless entry (or car alarm) system.
optional: dremel with cutting disc

example of main components needed:

I purchased the Pyle PWD701 car alarm system. Mostly because the key fob looks OEM-ish and had high reviews on Amazon. The relays were also bought from Amazon for $7 for a set of 5.

Step 1: Remove the door panel. Its held on by two screws -One torx on the door arm rest handle and a Philips screw behind. Once the torx screw is removed, the handle snaps off (pull up). Behind is another screw. Remove it. The rest of the door panel pops off. The only tricky part is getting the side mirror plastic cover off - this part also pops off but the clips are fragile so be careful not to use much force.

Step 2: Once the door panel is off, peel back the top half of the inner plastic lining. Its held on by sticky black silicon so watch out not to get it all over your clothes.

Step 3: There's one Philips screw holding the inner door handle located at the bottom. Remove this screw and slide the door handle assembly forward then out to dismount. You'll notice two cables - one for the lock and one for the handle. Both cables are secured by a white cone tip. In order to get the universal actuator rod to attach to the cable you will have to cut the white cone tip for the lock. I know some people may be skeptical about cutting this but the cable will NOT slide or stop functioning.


Step 4: Secure the universal actuator. CAREFULLY position the actuator and make sure it has enough length to push and pull the door lock. It must be perfectly horizontal or it may not work. Once positioned, drill the holes and secure into place.


close up with actuator mounted and rod piggy backed to the lock cable

Step 5: Test the actuator. Its reverse polarity so to test run the wires to your battery -BLUE is unlock and GREEN is lock. Whichever wire is supplied 12V will lock/unlock. For example, grounding the GREEN wire and providing 12v to BLUE will unlock and vise versa (insert pun here? lol). If the door lock opens and closes then proceed to step 6, else reposition the actuator and try again.

Step 6: Connecting the relays. You will need two relays - one for LOCKING and another for UNLOCKING. These are reverse polarity actuators so follow this schematic.

Step 7: Once you have the relays connected go ahead and test out the keyless entry using the remote :smile Before the door panel can be placed back on you will have to cut off a 1"X1" clip that's located directly behind the door panel fabric area (base model door panels have no fabric but the inlay is there). This clip will hit the actuator that was mounted if not cut.

Remember the door panel goes back by securing the top part first. Also check the door to see if the blue clip is still mounted to the door - if it is, remove it and place it back on the door panel.

The keyless entry has been working perfect for several days for me. Hope this DIY helps future members
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