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How To: Badge/Emblem Removal

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OK im not sure if somebody has made one of these or not but i figured since i was doing it i might as well take pics while in the process

How To remove Badges/Emblems

Tools that will be needed

1.Heat Gun is prefered for fast heating but a hair dryer will work as well
2.Floss or a decal/puddy knife (plastic)
3.Wash bucket with car soap and rag/sponge
4.Goo Gone
5.Towel (soft/microfiber) for Goo Gone

Step 1: Always make sure you wash the area first so you do not create dirt scratches on your paint!

Step 2: Take the heat gun/hair dryer and and hold it about 6 inches away to heat up the surface of the badges and the surrounding area to make the adhesive on the bagde warm and gooey

IMPORTANT: do not over heat surface because it will make the paint bubble

Step 3: Take your Floss or Decal/puddy knife (plastic) and go under the Badge and slide it through the adhesive till the piece comes off

IMPORTANT: do not pry upward on the badge because it will cause little dents in the body if you have to just twist/spin the badge to keep from damaging the body

Step 4: Take your finger with a strong pressure and rub what adhesive is left from the badge and rub it into a ball or into pieces til it is gone from the area, now there will sometimes be lines from where the letter of the badge was placed dont worry about that for right now

Step 5: Continue step 4 until all badge/emblem pieces are removed that you wont gone

Step 6: Take goo gone or any other type of item like it to remove the sticky residue that is left from the adhesive, this will also take those lines that are left away as well

Alternative: if you do not have Goo Gone is to just scrub the area with your soap and water and rag/sponge really good to try and remove the residue until you can get the goo gone to make it a nice smooth surface

Step 7: Wash the area(s) that you just did all the work on

Step 8: OPTIONAL some cars may need a good wax and buff laid down afterwards to help with the sun fading your paint

Step 9: Stand back and enjoy your new smoothed out area!

Side note: i did not use the Goo Gone due to not having it on hand and also did not get to the Nissan Badge yet because i was loosing daylight and its also cold outside and my face and hands were froze lol
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Very nice write up. One of my first mods too.
Nice job, you made it look very easy to do.

I love Goo Gone, I used it once on my old car to remove some sticker residue off my old cars trunk and recently on my Versa to remove some gummy like material stuck to the bottom of my passenger door.
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thanks guys! and it is an easy and cheap mod to make your car look alot cleaner!
is the Nissan logo in the middle also able to be removed?
Yes, I removed mine a while ago. Love it.
ok lol I was vague on my question. after removing main Nissan rear logo are there any mounting holes?
Thanks So Much for posting this, Vamp2RLR!!!

I was going to have a body shop remove my Versa NOTE emblem and apply my new NOTE emblem (from UK NOTE model). But, after viewing your tutorial, I was able to do it myself and simply apply my NOTE badge.

Great tutorial!

I was able to remove my badges without using a heat gun as long as the weather is warm enough, say 72 deg or higher. Or leave the car emblem facing the sun for a short while. I think the newer the car, the easier the badge should come off.

Also good tip I saw from somewhere else, if you are replacing the badge on the same spot ( just like I did), place a strip of masking tape above or below the existing badge (I placed mine 1/4 inch above) so I had a perfect alignment for my new badge. I also marked the lateral location of the old badge so I have a good reference point for the new badge.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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