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How to change out/replace high-mounted stop light?

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Hello Nissan Versa Forum Members. I've never posted on any forum before so please bear with me if I make a mistake in forum protocol. My 2008 Nissan Versa SL just failed inspection because one of the LED lights in the high-mounted stop light does not operate. Apparently in NC any non-functioning light on a vehicle will fail an inspection. The replacement unit from the dealer is $156+ (not including labor). I have not yet found a unit in any local salvage yards. Can anyone offer suggestions or point my nose in another more "cost effective" direction? I haven't found anything on the web yet... Thanks!
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Sedan or hatch? I just checked my sedan and it's a single brake bulb. Not sure about the hatch though.
hope it's just a bulb, way less than $156+:)Welcome!
repair the stop signal - easy

I also did not stop the signal lights.
Long sought, prices from 20 to 200 $. Then he climbed. Parses long. Lots of information on the Internet prochol. As a result, found just such a story about a stop signal translated. There's the man himself took apart all the LEDs and bought them myself soldered. I repeated his feat and it worked. All repairs cost about $ 1.
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