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Some Tips:

1. You can remove the oil filter without a filter wrench, just use a large enough pair of channel lock pliers to loosen it* and then remove by hand.

* It does not matter if the filter gets damaged since you are replacing it.

2. You can replace the oil filter without a filter wrench, as per the Nissan Versa (C11) Service Manual (page MA-13):

"Screw oil filter manually until it touches the installation surface, then tighten it by 2/3 turn."

Otherwise torque the oil filter to 17.7 N·m (13 ft-lb)

3. You do not need to remove the plastic splash guard to get to the oil filter
(though it does make it easier). Just place a large rag or a bunch of paper towels directly under the filter to catch the oil that comes out of the filter when you remove it.

4. Torque the oil drain plug to 34.3 N·m (25 ft-lb)*

* Ironically the Nissan Versa (C11) Service Manual does not list this in their oil change section but it can be found on page EM-24.

5. Always use the correct oil viscosity your engine was designed for. For the Nissan Versa (C11) use 5W-30.* As per the Nissan Versa (C11) Service Manual (page MA-12):

"SAE 5W-30 viscosity oil is preferred for all temperatures. SAE 10W-30 and 10W-40 viscosity oil may be used if the ambient temperature is above −18°C (0°F)."

"Use of 5W-30 viscosity oil will increase fuel economy."

* Using thicker oil to "quiet" a noisy engine is an urban legend that can cause engine damage.

6. Only use Nissan recommended API graded oil or newer, as per the Nissan Versa (C11) Service Manual (page MA-11)

"Recommended Fluids: API grade SH, SJ, SL or SM, Energy Conserving" *

* You can use newer API ratings such as SN, which will be backwards compatible and the newer ratings always meet higher standards.

C11 = First Generation (2007-2011 U.S.)
Thank you much. I torque everything. I have seen a lot of damage and extremely expensive repairs do to over torqueing and under torqueing. Including complete engine failure. I have absolutely no feel for tight. In my younger day I used to break 3/8 grade 8 bolts with a regular ratchet, without ever noticing they were tight
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