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How to decorate/change the emblems.

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I of course haven't done any changes to my emblems, yet. However I thought there should be a how to thread. Here is what I feel would be helpful:

Type of paint

Type of materials used
(sand paper, chemicals, glue, spray paint, paint brush, rhinestones, etc).

Type of glue/adhesive used
(if emblem was removed from car).

How long/well has it lasted.

Pictures would be great of course!

*Peace* :blue flower:
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I have painted / changed mine too many times to remember, lol.

At this point I have no badging on the hatch anymore. But it was all blinged out at one point.

The front most recently was painted black, and then blinged out in the centre with pink for the NISSAN part, and black around it:

This looks great, its been a few months since I could come back on but Kit seems to be doing well.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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