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thought I'd start a thread com[piling all the how to's and youtube vids since there are soooooo many on here and they are all in different places. If you have something to add, please pm me and I'll edit this first post to add everything in. I'll be breaking it up into sections.


Dash Parts Removal

Console Between Front Seats Removal:

Radio trim, HVAC Trim

Headliner Removal:

Ebay A/C Knobs installation

Adding an extra hidden 12v socket

Adding aftermarket footwell LED's

Automatic shift knob removal

Flush Mount Throttle Tuner


Plastidip front grill

Plastidip Guttered/Rashed Wheels (Make them look like new!)

Painting Brake Calipers:
calipers painted!

DIY Lower Mesh Grill

Adding OEM Foglights

Adding Versaspeed Carbon Fiber Splitter


Throttle Body Coolant Line Bypass

Cold Air Intake Installation

Installing Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Installing springs:

Routine Maintenance

Fixing Minor Cracks in Plastic Body Panels

Cleaning Rear Drum Brakes

Fuel Pressure Regulator Fix

Replacing Brake Pads and Rotors

Transmission Fluid Change

Oil Change

Replacing Headlamps

Changing the in Cabin Air Filter

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Product Reviews

Weapon R Throttle Tuner

Nexen N3000 Summer Tires

Whiteline Sway Bar Review

DC Exhaust

DC Exhaust (With Silencer)

Tanabe Axle-back

Rear Muffler Delete

Megan Muffler

Magnaflow Exhaust+OBX Header

Stillen Exhaust

Greddy Exhaust





DC Sports

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That is a lot of great information compiled in one post. Very helpful. I might suggest moving this to the "How to" section within this forum. That is where I would look for information on how to do something to the car.

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I thought about putting it in there, but then I added the reviews and thought I'd just put it in the general section. We may move it though.

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I'm glad my videos are on here!
I may remake another dash removal video though, I think that one sucks lol

Thanks for compiling this!

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If you make a new one I'll add it. I may also make one myself when I try wrapping the dashboard in the next couple weeks.

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A lot of these videos are already up on the forum, but they're spread out, and some of them are buried pretty deep in the threads, so having them all on top here is definitely helpful.
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