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How To: Hatchback Cargo Net

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Notice: This will only fit the '07-'10 Versa hatchback

Credit is given to Canaan of the other forums for finding the parts and iluvmyVersa08 for the encouragement!

Part #'s

Trunk Net 999C1-UT000 (qty 1)
Trunk Net Hook 84937-ZB000 (qty 2)
Trunk Net Hook 84937-ZB100 (qty 2)

Instruction say its for the Altima as this is actually an Altima part, but disregard that info.

1. Remove the four clips with a narrow flathead screw driver, try not to scratch the plastic. You can also have a rag handy just in case. (they are difficult to remove)

2. The hooks with the L shapes are to be facing outwards. The two non L shaped hooks go on the bottom.

3. Once those are inserted, place the ends of the net in the hooks. You may need to use a hammer, and pound them in lightly!

Then it looks like this:

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