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How To Install A Front Strut Brace

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Items Needed:
1 Front Strut Brace (I installed a micro image/ultra racing one)
1 Half inch open ended wrench and/or a 1/2 inch socket with ratchet
About 15 minutes
And an incredibly clean blue versa hatch.

The brace:

The incredibly clean blue versa hatch (smiling father not included):

Left mounting points (the 2 rear bolts, not the one to the right):

Right mounting points:

Engine bay as a whole:

Start first by loosening the 4 bolts around the black circle (2 on each side) and remove.

Place the bar in position so that all of the holes are easily accessable and hand screw the bolts back into place, loosley holding the bar on.

Using a ratchet, tighten each bolt until snug.

Getting to the 2 rear bolts is going to be slightly difficult. If you are having clearance problems, put the socket on the bolt first, then slide the ratchet under the windshield wiper area and put on the socket.

After each bolt is snug, tighten down about 3 turns, or until considerable force is needed to further tighten. Over-tightening should be avoided.

When all is tightened, take the car out for a test drive and you will feel the difference. Check the tightness again after test drive and you are good to go. :)

Finished product:


I used the ultra racing front strut brace and I could notice a difference turning out of my neighborhood. You can feel how the lean in turns has been reduced and it gives the ride a much more agile feel. The bar is suprisingly sturdy and seems to be of excellent quality. Very happy with the results and would recommend to any versa owner :)
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