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How to install an additional 12v plug

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Another little how to for you guys. Video says it all-

It is 13 minutes long, and a little on the dry side, but I think if I had shortened it anymore I would have had to lave out some vitally important parts.
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I like it clean, and it just looked stupid having the wire go all the way across the center of the car. This is soooo much better, imo.
when i sell this car, im gonna need to write a manual for the next owner.. Guess I'll just have to keep it forever.. oh well.
Thanks guys. I'll be doing a video on how to add a tint-strip this afternoon hopefully. I ordered a ton of stuff from amazon and its hard to keep up with it all! I think hemifan already has one, but everyone else can learn :)

I've still got a strut brace, sway bar, and some plasti-dip coming, so there will be a few more videos in the next couple weeks, and then i'm gonna have to do a whole series on painting my new wheels when they come in.
right up to the as-1 line. It's the most im legally allowed to. Its 35% tint.
I'd like to see it, that may be an option for me.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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