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I'm working on adding power locks to my car and this how-to is super helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I have a couple more questions.

1. Can you take a picture of the boot you made. I was looking through parts to see if I could just get the rubber boot that was empty, but it looks like you have to buy the whole wiring harness for the rear door $65 for each door = $130 (and I paid $50 for the keyless kit!). How did you bond the corrugated tubing to the factory boot cover (rubber cement, epoxy, etc.?).

2. Where did you get the red wire? Did you cut into the ignition harness? I was thinking of just using one of these fuse taps Accelevision FT-MICROATC Pre-wired Low Profile Mini Fuse Tap on an unused circuit (like the heated seats or push-to-start) that seem to be giving me constant 13 volts).

3. It would be interesting to see how you routed the wires to the passenger side? Did you run them back on the firewall or on the front part by the panel.

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