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you will need:

1 nissan versa or tiida (year, drivetrain or sub-model make no difference)

1 ultra racing sway bar

the supplied hardware

1 rachet
1 17mm or 11/16" socket
1 3" extension (optional)
1 17mm or 11/16" combinatiopn end wrench

jack and jack stands (ramps dont work)


1. get the versa/tiida on jackstand and let the suspension "droop".

2. mock up bar to find holes used.

(the circles ones)

3. hold bar in place as helper ( i used my little brother) puts one nut/bolt/washer combo on each side to hold it. (bolt goes from the top down)

4. put the last nut/bolt/waser combo in both sides.

5. tighten all four nuts.

6. put versa/tiida back on all fours.

7. test drive.

8. recheck tightness (?) of nuts.


what your versa/tiida will look like with ultra racing front and rear chassis braces and rear sway bar installed.

random pic while whating for my brother to go get jack and stands
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