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How-To: LED DRL Headlight Strips

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i installed LED DRL strips on my headlights yesterday, they came out legit! I took some photos as I did the entire process to help anyone else if they wanted to do the same. the LED's are two color, white and then amber for turning on with the turn signal. first how to write up, so comments and criticism is helpful! Here's how it came out!


First step is to read how to remove your bumper. As there are two ways to remove the headlight. Either by entirely removing the bumper to access the headlights, or just pulling away the corner of the bumper far enough to access the one hidden bolt underneath the headlight. I chose the latter.

once you have the headlight housing out, this is what the backside will look like. you are interested in only the parking lights and turn signal lights power wires, which are the only two lights that have 2 wires going to them. the main headlight naturally has more.

all black wires are ground, so i used the power of the parking lights for constant 12v for the LED's, then using a relay made the switched power with the turn signals

relay circuit
Port 30: Common power, used parking lights so that LEDs can be switched on and off at will.
Port 85: Turn Signal Power, to switch ON the relay every time the light flashes.
Port 88: Ground, crimp LED ground wire to this wire as well.
Port 87: Amber LEDs
Port 87a: Default ON, so attach white LEDs herev

picture with relay hanging out of top. try to keep the relay wires in the gap between the chassis and the headlight, easier maintenance of wires if ever wanting to remove headlight housing from car again later. after the power wires have been spliced together for the relay, attach the led strip with its tape and feed the wires behind the light, trim to correct size, then crimp to the relay wires.

the LED strip uses 3m tape so i just stuck it all the way along the side, easy installation, just press firmly on a few inches at a time. the bumper will help keep the pressure on when all is reassembled.
finished side, always check to make sure the light circuit works before screwing everything back in. easy check is turn on parking lights. as always, better safe than sorry, checking to see if leds light up is making sure all crimps and quick splice connectors have made a good connection.

grounded relay into chassis ground, theres already a ground wire sitting right there, I just added onto it. i also put the relay ground wire that was crimped with the led ground wire onto that screw as well.


with headlights on

with headlights off

night shot

overall, a very easy modification! just know which wires to tap into and from there its a simple installation. lemme know if you have any questions :smilejap:
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Thanks for posting this! Something to save money for and do as a summer project. I love how the Audi's lights look, so now my car can have something similar.
Where did you get your led's?
:thumb2:Looks great!
I saw this one in korea town in LA, alvarado st.
Where did you get your led's?
Amazon Plasmaglow 11118 Lighting Eyes Amber/White Duo Headlight LED Accent Kit: Automotive
and while was at it, i got a great deal on some bosch relays for the car too haha AGT (5 Pack) 30/40 AMP Relay Harness Spdt 12V Bosch Style (40AMP-HRNS): Automotive

I saw this one in korea town in LA, alvarado st.
interesting! i see versa's everywhere now, but havent seen any with LED strips on em. never been to LA's korea town, i cant imagine id fit in haha
I thought that was you lol. I saw the same well i guess similar along alvarado st between temple and sunset a few months ago. hehe I guess there are two white versa with LED Headlight. My V has a homeless jack (beat up jack n the box antenna ball) lmao.
Curious to see how the system is working nowadays. Is the adhesive still good? Lights all still working?
The LED strips fell off after about a year, after which I ended up buying some LED Halo Tiida headlights and throwing them on the V!

I don't own the V anymore though, sold it and bought a brand new FRS haha
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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