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How to make rear window washer fluid come out?

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Ever since I bought my versa I noticed a black square above the rear window and wiper, its on the upper left, I'd imagine it should squirt windshield fluid when I squirt windshield fluid on the front windshield right? Anyone ever have problems with this? How do I go about trouble shooting and fixing this myself?

If you have the time please be as descriptive as possible, I'm new to car talk technical terms and parts:thumb2:
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on the wiper arm...have you tried pushing it forward...that's how i get the fluid out in my 2010 operates separately from the front windshield
Hold up, seriously? All this time I figure they both cam out simultaneously. hahaha
Hold up, seriously? All this time I figure they both cam out simultaneously. hahaha
:) That's awesome.
I notice when I use the rear sprayer, it will spray for a few seconds before the wiper goes. Thus leaving a blue streak down my hatch and bumper.
guess spraying was out of the question due to the low pressure region developed behind the car....
Hey everyone, I tried the method of pushing it forward. it madse the noise like the front washer fluid does, but nothing came out. I know the noise happens up front if its empoty or full so is it possible a hose is jammed? any thoughts on what it could be?
Nah just takes a few seconds to pump it the length of the car. You yourself said you've never used it so the lines were probably empty. Run it for 5 seconds and see if you get anything. I have used mine maybe 3 times since I bought the car, and I have to do this each time.
Alright I'll give it a go tonight, I work nights and drive 500 miles a week so i need them to work lol
Hey, IT WORKED!~ If i hold it all the way down until the wiper blade comes on I avoid the green stream, however if I do it more than a few times, I think the fluid over powers the wiper and it runs down the backside. hahahaha. Washer fluid cant damage paint can it? I'm starting a new thread for instructions on an autobody procedure, feel free to answer it!
Full chamber, motor works, 1 spurt of fluid to windshield If I fill to the top or cap, then nothing.
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