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The dash and the ignition switch have these impressions to detail which way to open the vents for the A/C and the positions of the ignition switch. I decided to color these impressions to make them more visible and because I had $15.00 bucks in my pocket and I didn't want to spend them on junk food.

For this DIY you will need:
a can of aersol paint adhesion solution
Paint, in this case Testos model paint
a super fine tip brushes, you can get them them at Hobby Lobby or any other crafts shop
a phillips screwdriver
a sand paper or utility knife
small styrofoam cups

1. Put on gloves
2. Remove all the pieces to be painted from the car; clean and wipe with alcohol, focusing in removing as much grime and dust from the impressions and let dry.
3. In a small disposable cup, spray some of the paint adhesion solution and with a fine brush coat the inside surface of the recessed impressions and let dry.
4. With another fine tip brush apply the paint to the inside surface of the recessed impressions and let dry for 40 to 60 minutes.
5. with a utility knife or scalple removed excess paint from the recessed impressions
6. put everything back and bask in the your handywork.

The ignition facia simply slides out by pulling outward on the edges.

Here is one of the vents prior to painting.

Here is a shot of the Testos paint that I used. I used the flat white to close match the paint on the door locks and steering wheel buttons.

Here is a shot of the super fine tip paint brush. These come in a box of 10.

Here is a shot of the top vents after painting. I waited about 60 minutes to let the paint dry but not so much that later it will be difficult to remove the excess paint with with the knife.

I took some time to scrape off the excess paint from the recessed impressions.

Here is the other vent wheel painted and installed.

Revised photo of the ignition switch.

Here is better shot of the center console.

The left side center vent.

Right side center vent.

I was going to apply model clear paint sealer, but I was told that since these paints are not designed to be exposed under direct sunlight, it might turn yellow after some time. I can't find urethane sealer in anything smaller then a quart at the local shops and is way too expensive. I will forgo the use of the clear for now. Still, I am very happy with the results. I hope you agree as well.

Right side vent.

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I am going to use the sealer, but I was giving the paint enough time to cure and bond with the surface. I will post better photos with sealer applied.
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