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How to: Programming key fob(TIIDA only...NOT VERSA)

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Since i have a tiida I spent so much time researching a way to program my remote and i finally got the solution. Tiida key fob programming is different than versa(dont know why).

1. Close all doors.
2. Lock doors with drivers side power door lock switch.
3. Insert and withdraw the key 6 times. Doors should UNLOCK.
4. Turn Key to accessory position.
5. Lock doors with driver’s side door lock switch.
6. Press button on remote control.
7. Remove Key.
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ignition wont turn on

i tried using the insert key six times technique but my light is still flashing and my cars ignition wont move from off to any other position, and the steering isn't locked either, can someone assist me with this, btw i own a nissan tiida
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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