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How to: Programming key fob(TIIDA only...NOT VERSA)

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Since i have a tiida I spent so much time researching a way to program my remote and i finally got the solution. Tiida key fob programming is different than versa(dont know why).

1. Close all doors.
2. Lock doors with drivers side power door lock switch.
3. Insert and withdraw the key 6 times. Doors should UNLOCK.
4. Turn Key to accessory position.
5. Lock doors with driver’s side door lock switch.
6. Press button on remote control.
7. Remove Key.
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Hi I have a 2004 Tiida, (a Japanese import to New Zealand) and have lost my key fob, a 2 button lock/unlock one. Does anyone know the frequency of the fob transmitter, I have obtained one that looks very like the old one and the key blank pattern is the same, the information on the fob is 5WK4 876/819. 433MHz. I have followed the very welcome recent post on programming and the doors unlock on the sixth key removal but the fob simply is not working. The battery (3V) is fine. Any ideas ? I am suspicious of the frequency. No joy from the dealer, at least $250 for a new fob. Car works well on a plain key.
HI Thanks for the rapid reply, I am not sure if I am getting into the program mode, on the sixth key withdrawal the doors unlock ok but when putting key back and turning to Acc. and locking the door again, nothing happens, no hazard lights or anything. I have tried variations on the sequence but nothing. Is this ok?? Thanks for the link, I see they will ship to New Zealand.
Thanks for that, have not yet succeeded with my 433MHz fob , will await fob from your link. thank you.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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