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For the DIY we start by removing the silver bezel. Start in the middle of the bezel and work your way around to pop the retaining clips off. A thin metal poker or flat head screwdriver will help a whole lot.

With the bezel removed, we can pop off the five pieces that make the center console and armrest. Use the poker or the small flat head screw driver and first remove the small platic piece that after the shifter. I found that by removing this piece first the whole process is goes by much faster. Once the the first piece is removed just pull up on all of them to remove.

Once this small plastic piece is removed you will see the top side of the car's cpu. Once all the plastic pieces have been removed you will need a torx screw driver (I think it is an 8) to remove the two screws that hold the front of the armrest part connected to the front piece of the console. Be careful when removing the shown piece since it hold the lighter and this cable is not very long and the wires are kind of fragile.

Here is the underside of the plastic piece with the lighter. Simply grab hold of the end and pull apart.

These are the last two pieces. The plastic piece that covers the hand-break and the cubby hole that is on the pillar of the arm rest. Simply pull up on the pieces to remove. I apologize for the grimy pieces, I spilled some salsa over the console and it was this reason that prompted me to do this DIY.

Here is the front of the arm rest. There is a 13mm nut anchoring the front of the armrest to the car. Get a rachet with and extension to make fast work of it. Also, there is a silvery connector that I think its a ground that goes connected to the underside of the armrest. I have no Idea what this connector is for. If someone knows please inform us all. Simply push down on the center tab at the end of the connector and it will slide right out.

Here is a photo of the back of the armrest. remove the coin holder trim piece by pulling away from the pillar and you will see the two 13mm nuts that are fastened to two studs. Use the rachet and the 13mm socket with extension and remove. Once all the nuts have been removed, simply lift up and back, and wiggle the armrest back out of position from between the two front seats and your are done. Get your soapy water, rags and armorall and clean your mess.

Armrest out of vehicle with salsa stain. I used some soapy water to clean the carpet, seats, and armrest. Armorall all the pieces once out and cleaned and vacummed carpet. I was very happy with the results. Installation is the reversal of removal. Hope this helps someone.

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