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What I did and discovered

Thanks Scott for the excellent description. It lead me through and gave me the confidence to tackle the job on my 158,000 mile Sedan. I replaced both today.
Three notes to others:
1- When I removed the rear rod it looked just fine, like yours, but upon close examination I discovered a crack in the bushing area on the hidden, top part of the unit (see attached photo). Only by moving the sections did it open up enough to be revealed. I definitely recommend replacing the rear torque bar at the same time as the top.
2- The manual recommends replacing the washers. However, my originals were in excellent condition and made of brass compound, which is much better against corrosion than steel replacements from Advance. I kept the originals in place.
3- I did use a torque wrench. I recommend using one because of the big difference in torque requirements at both bolts.
Thanks again for your help. I am very glad to have found this forum.


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