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Thanks for your post! It was very informative and detailed.

I tried to attempt to do this myself after Jiffy Lube was going to charge me $200 just to install a new RH Torque Rod. I actually had to buy some tools for it such as the torque wrench. I realized not all tools are created equal. I had bought this torque wrench from amazon that cost me $24.99 (not including tax):

I also bought the Right Hand Torque Rod (aka motor mount) for $22.72 (not including shipping & tax).

When I attempted to do this project I used the torque wrench that I had bought and the bolt would not even budge!

After many attempts, I sadly gave up.

Took it to Pepboys and asked how much it would be to install it if I had the part. They said $75.

I was not ready to pay $75 so I took my car to a some random mechanic and told me they would charge me $30. That was a more reasonable price so I let them install it.

I also gave them the anti-seize that I had bought to use for the bolts and used the same washers.

The installation took no longer than 10 min and they had this TV in the lounge where I can view my car being serviced which I gladly appreciated.

I was happy, regardless of the fact that I didn't do the job myself. In the end I saved money.

Total cost: $63.89 (Includes anti-seize, torque wrench I regret buying, labor installation, and Right Hand torque rod )

Jiffy Lube Price $200

$200 - $63.89 = $136.11

Total savings: $136.11

If you're going to do this project I recommend having some real tools (not cheap).

Perhaps the same exact tools Scott used.
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