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How to: Throttle body coolant line bypass

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Did the throttle body coolant line bypass this morning. I think any gains will be negligible if there are any at all, but I figured it wouldn't hurt, and hey, its free :)

Tools needed: 10 mm ratchet, pliers
Parts needed: none :)

You can use a 1/4" connector to combine the hoses, but I think the way I did it in the video ends up working out better, plus there is no cost this way. A connector will run you around $2 at homedepot.

Here's the youtube video:

Throttle Body Coolant Line Bypass - YouTube

There is a how-to over on nicoclub for this, but I couldn't find a how to thread here, so I thought I'd post it up. Took me about 15 minutes to do it, and I could probably put everything back to normal in less than 10.
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pretty sure my husband did this to our car...
It takes almost no time, you need the most basic of tools, and its free. why wouldn't you do it? Im gonna be watching my scangauge over the next couple days to see what the intake temps are like. Some guys on an LS1 forum said that they consistently get a 1-3 HP increase. Granted their engines have roughly 4 times the power that ours do, but still. Not saying we'll see anything noticeable, but its there :) If you wanna squeeze every bit of power you can out of the engine, this might be helpful.

I was also thinking about getting some red silicon hoses to replace the ugly black ones with :)
What are some possible long term consequences for this? My point is that Nissan, among most other auto makers, set their throttle bodies up like this for a reason...
I believe that the coolant goes through the throttle body to prevent frost formation at certain weather conditions.
It's all to warm up the engine the quickest and prevent frosting of the throttle body. There is literally no horsepower gain from doing this mod it's just like a heat riser for a carbed engine. It may drop intake temps 1/2 a degree nothing to worry about.
I just done it, but didnt use an inline coupler. I just removed both hoses from the throttle body and hooked the shorter one to where the long one comes out of the coolant line at the bottom.
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