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How To on how to spray tint your tail lights.

10mm socket wrench
600 grit sand paper
VHT Night Shades
Clear Coat
Blue Tape or newspaper

Methods on taking the light off of the car will vary if you have a sedan or hatch, but both require a 10mm socket to take the lights off the car.

1. Take the light off the car disconnecting the wiring harness
2. Wash any dirt of dust off of the light with water and cloth
3. Tape off the light with blue tape and newspaper wherever it needs to be covered. In my case I just wanted to tint the white part of my tail light so I taped it off (didn't have enough newspaper so I used all blue tape).

4. Grab your 600 grit sand paper and start scuffing the surface of where you are going to spray, and get a wet cloth and wipe away the dust from sanding.

5. Shake the can of VHT Night Shades for a full minute, and apply a very thin first coat.

6. Let 10 minutes to dry and apply the 2nd coat. You can make it a little thicker than the 1st.

7. Apply 3rd coat and wait another 10 min

8. Apply 4th coat and wait 10 min. On the can it says to ONLY apply 3 coats or the light may not shine through the tint so be careful! I applied a 4 1/2 because I wanted mine dark.

9. The 1/2 coat, just sprayed less than I would on a normal coat.

10. After applying all your coats let it sit for an hour and then start applying the clear coat. I applied 3 coats, 1 thin and the other 2 thick. Make sure to spray 10 minutes between each coats. If the weather is not great outside then i suggest heating up the oven and opening it and letting the lights sit and dry for an hour that way to speed up the drying process

11. Wait till the clear is dry to handle. I let my light sit over night and then took the tape off

Now just put the light back on the car and your ready to go!

You can wet sand the tint when the light is 100% dry with 2000 grit sand paper and then get turtle wax heavy duty polish and polish the tint till it becomes a mirror finish.

Get 100% rubbing alcohol (or any percentage, but 100% is easiest), apply it to a cloth and rub the tint off. Its that easy not hard at all.
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