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Alright guys. Here is a simple tutorial on how to connect your tow hook to your front bumper.

Time: 5 Minutes
Difficulty: 1

Tools Needed:
-No Tools Are Needed

Parts Needed:
-Nissan Tow Hook (Part Number: 51112-AC70A)

Head to the trunk of your Versa Sedan/Hatchback and lift up the bottom flooring. Next to your spare tire should be a black bag with 3 items in it.

Next we are going to locate the slot on the front fascia where the tow hook screws into the body. On the driver side of the car will be a noticeable little piece that is covering where the tow hook needs to go.

Once located you can grab it and pull on it to get it open, shouldn't take too much force to pull it off. Next you are going to begin screwing your tow hook into the specified area, you are going to keep twisting the tow hook until it will not go any further. It should look something like this:

Now to remove it just unscrew the tow hook and don't forget to place the cover back over the specified area. Now if you are looking to keep the tow hook in for looks than you can take the cover off. It is being help onto the bumper with a little arrow shaped piece of plastic, all you need to do is push one side out before the other.

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