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So, even though my Versa came fully loaded, it came with no trunk carpet. None of our Versa's here in Canada do unless you want to pay extra. And they want $80 for a 'Versa' trunk carpet. After reading some diy's on fitfreak, I did this.

Bought a carpet from Zellers for $9.97.

Then I used newspaper and tape to make an outline of the interior space of the trunk.

After I traced the newspaper outline onto the carpet and cut it out :)

I left extra carpeting at the top so that I could tuck it into the rear seats.
I hated how you could see all the steel near the bottom of the seats, made the car look cheap.

So now this is the finished look :)

Also decided to remove the cargo cover for a bit. It really opens up the hatch area and make the trunk feel so much bigger. Once I upholster it, I'll put it back. For now, it's sitting in my room.
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