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Howdy from Texas!

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I am Miguel. I live in Texas. I own an artic white 2007 Versa SL hatch with 6 speed manual. I have 41k on the odometer. It was the wive's but now it is mine. This V is my daily driver. I am trying to maintain the car as stock as possible but I am open to some modifications. I have joined this forum because my old fav no loger works.
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Welcome to the forums.
Howdy from Knoxville, TN

I own a 2007 V HB but it has 82,000 miles on the odometer but she still gets me 36MPG.
6spd 1.8
Welcome Miguel, I have an 08 CVT hb, which is white as well. What part of the Lone Star are you at? I'm in Austin.
Hello and welcome here.I am also new and enjoying my stay in this forum.
welcome to nvf!!
Hey welcome here.Its a very nice site.Hope you like it here.
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