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HR engine pinging

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have about 50000km on the odo..using 91ron gas which is recommended for the hr15 engine. there is a pinging noise at low rpms or when going uphill.

i changed my plugs using the original plugs and same problem so changed to the original plug but a colder version of the plug and same problem.

cleaned injectors, throttle body and same problem.

tried a higher octant fuel and same problems. not sure what to do again. any ideas are welcomed
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First, I am not an expert, far from it. Is the HR15 an automatic or standard? Does the car idle speed correct? How long as the pinging sound been going on? I read that the pinging is associated with the timing being advanced. What can cause it, well, maybe a vacuum leak or the ECM computer is getting a different read from a sensor.
91 octane is recommended for the hr? What did you find that has a higher rating? Race gas? The highest we can get around here is 91. I'd say take it to the dealer, you should still be under warranty.

HR16 or MR18 - Recommended - 95 octane
HR15 - Recommended - 91 Octane

All pumps over here have only 95 octane and 98 octane
with only 1 exception that sells 91 octane (which is little cheaper).

Although 95 octane is recommended for my car, i use 91 octane.
Did you find the problem? My 07 with the CVT, with 62,000 miles on it does this at low rpm under load, a rattle/pinging sound happens. I did have a new belt and idle tensioner installed. It was quiet for a day then the sound came back.
no didnt find the problem . . i retarded the timing a couple degrees an problem still there
This is going to sound crazy. Check your gas cap for a crack or improper fit. Sometimes turning it too hard cracks the plastic rim. Just enough moisture might get into the gas to make it ping.
I'm having the same issue with my HR15, here in the Caribbean our car goes by the name nissan Tiida not versa but same engine. I carried my nissan by 3 different mechanics but no one could solve the problem. One of them suggested that I try changing the computer as there could be some kinda fuel mapping issue, but a computer is costly and I have no guarantee that's even the issue.
We have the hr16de here in the states. Hr15de was never available here. Silmilar engines but not exactly the same. Sorry you are having issues. Pinging could be many things and sometimes is hard to track down.
Wait.. how the hell did you retard the timing yourself? You a mechanic? Scan tool access?
Wait.. how the hell did you retard the timing yourself? You a mechanic? Scan tool access?
I was wondering the same thing but since it's an HR15de and probably an older model I wasn't sure how that engine is set up. I wish I could mess with timing. I'd love to bump it up and run some 93 octane gas and see if it makes a difference.
Yeah but i'm pretty sure the HR15 doesn't have a distributor. Dunno how much of a gain you'd see with using 93 and advancing. I think cam timing plays a big role in how sensitive these motors are to changes. When my cat to rest of exhaust flange rusted out and the downpipe fell down, my MR18 turned into an absolute gutless dog to drive, lots of noise, no power. Granted that is what it is, but it's a good test for people who ask "doesn't no exhaust offer the best flow?". I want to straight pipe this car, in preparation for rear mount turbo with 2.5" exhaust, but i'm wondering if it'll turn into a motor that you need to rev the shit out of to see any power, without changing cam timing.
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