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I am planning to buy a Nissan Versa ?

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Hi All,

I am planning to buy a used Nissan Versa (07-09).

Wanted to know from the current Nissan Versa owners as how they love & hate their current Versa.:)

Let me know

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would you like to know anything specific? I love my versa, i drive the hell out of it and always been reliable. gas mileage is great too. i get about 360-380miles per tank depending on how i drive the car or the season.
Its a great car. Ive never had any issues with mine. This is the familys 3rd versa. Their was an 07 S sedan, and we currently have 2 09s. A black S sedan, and a black SL hatch. Its a great car to mod and upgrade with. If your looking at cars in its class, i will tell u the versa is best bag for ur money. Its best in class for just about everything except mpg, which is like anywhere between 23-33. It depends on what engine and tranny u get. Some people get more than that. I get about 24-27 with the 1.8 4spd auto, and mine is nothing but hills, back roads, and city driving, constant brake and gas. So I think thats good!!! But u do get a bigger engine then in its class if u get the 1.8. Great passing power, and suspension is nice and deffinatly better than all in class. I can cruise at 70-80mph and not feel bumpy. Its still pretty settle in my opinion. Just when ur at 70-80mph the engine will let u know ur there. It hovers around 3k rpms at that speed. But if doing 65mph its about 2500-2700k, very comfortable ride. Im 250lbs, 6.3ft and fit comfortably. If I had to do it again, i would most certainly get the SL. Its worth it I think. I dont like that there is no extented visors, cvt should be optional on S instead of 4sp auto or changed it to 5sp auto, i think thats my only 2 negitives.
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I Love my Versa! I am constantly surprised by how much I can fit into the V (I just hauled a nice chair and ottoman into it with no problems). The car is pretty zippy and it's FABULOUS on gas. I average 35-38 mpg with it. When I have passengers in the back they always note how roomy the interior is.
It is just a fun little car to own and drive overall!
It's a great hatchback, well rounded for any type of person. I get about 25-35 mpg depending on whether I drive in the city or on the freeway. The interior is quiet inside and the fact that there's alot of headroom and plenty of rear space for your legs in the back is what got my sold on the car.
I LOVE my Versa.

It's cute and tiny (but very large inside). I have the 1.8 SL with CVT transmission.

My driving usually consists of all city driving, with a bit of highway driving during the week. Usually I've been getting about 28MPG. If it's all highway, I find it does a lot better. At 100km/h my RPMS sit around 2100.

My only two problems were my sunroof and my FPR. The sunroof was never level with the roof from day 1, so last year it started leaking during a really bad storm. I took it in and they adjusted it for free. I also asked them to replace the Fuel Pressure Regulator since on a couple of occasions the car did not start right away. They also replaced that under warranty.

I've had my 08 model for over 2 years and those are the only 2 problems so far. All I do maintenance wise is change the oil every 3000kms and I've replaced the filters (air/in cabin) as per the maintenance schedule. Other than that, I've never taken it in for anything and it runs great. She has over 34,000 kms on her now.

Enjoy !
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Does this Versa drive well in Snowy winters as well ? Since I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Yep. I however have winter tires and rims for my Versa.
I've had it through two winters so far, and it's great. Never been stuck, starts up every time; heats up quickly ... and the heated mirrors are a nice touch for our Canadian winters here :D
Yep. I however have winter tires and rims for my Versa.
I've had it through two winters so far, and it's great. Never been stuck, starts up every time; heats up quickly ... and the heated mirrors are a nice touch for our Canadian winters here :D
Only Canada gets the heated mirror. I went through one winter so far with my 1.6 and its 14" oem all weather tires. I find that it performed average to below average for a compact. My last car was a bit heavier, had 15" wheels and LSD. That car was a beast in the snow. I plan on putting on 15" wheels and snow tires for this winter. I should be fine after that.
Yeah, I have 15" Hankook snow tires and rims. The car handles fine in the snow with winter tires. My previous car was a tiny little Hyundai Accent and with snow tires, that thing got me to school and back for four years. I never once got stranded in a snow storm with it. Snow tires honestly make a HUGE difference.

And yes, heated mirrors are only in Canada. I am really happy it came with it. The mirrors are always nicely defrosted for me ... :)
Mine did very good in the snow. Coming from a 00 camry LE with no ABS and 15" all season tires, yes there was a difference weight wise. But honestly, mine does very good with the stock 15" all season tires with ABS. I havent gotten stuck once. But the ground clerance is like 6.5. So it is higher off the ground then averge, which is a plus. If u R concerned about snow, id get the SL which is standard with ABS and traction control for 2010. The TCS would help you. The SL is worth the price.
Mine doesn't have ABS, but my next car will have it, very essential around climate that has snow along with snow tires.
I love my 2010 1.6 sedan...great gas mileage, spacious, pretty fast, and fun to drive. :D
Best thing to do is test drive it and see if you like it. If you do, then just buy it :)
And while ur there test drive a cube. I personally feel in love with it. The cube and versa share alot of things together. Like the engine, CVT and manual tranny, radio, electical parts, wheels, etc. It looks weird at first, but give it a try and look. They are about the same price, cube is a little more. Just my 2 cents.
I love the cube too. If it was out when I bought the Versa it would have been a tough choice for me.
You should try to buy new since they're so inexpensive to begin with. And last time I checked, there was $1,500.00 on the hood.
New Cube is a fail compared to the first generation.
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