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I am planning to buy a Nissan Versa ?

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Hi All,

I am planning to buy a used Nissan Versa (07-09).

Wanted to know from the current Nissan Versa owners as how they love & hate their current Versa.:)

Let me know

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Are you talking to me Aaron ? My versa is not going anywhere so no cube in my future. Lol. Sorry.
And if you buy a 2007-2008 used with abs ask them if the rear harness was replaced. I received my notice today from Nissan Canada and it's being replaced for free on my versa next Tuesday.

It's really an amazing car. It will be better if you buy the 2011 Nissan Versa but if you don't have enough budget just go for the used one. You might find some interesting accessories at
Depending on what they're asking for the use one I say you compare and see what will be better in the long run. You might just end up paying the same for a new one than you would for the use one you're looking at. Plus there's always the benefit of all the rebates and financial offers on the new once.
Well i have a Nissan versa and i love my car it is a wonderful one with great features good gas mileage and i get about 320-350 miles per tank and it is spacious inside nice look i just love to ride it i feel complete with my Nissan .
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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