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I bought me a 2010 Nissan Versa 1.8S. Six speed, beige interior, arctic blue, and with only 3 miles on the odometer. It's one week old! I've only got 200 miles on the car so far, but here are some quick positive and negative points:


- Looks (the V is kinda goofy, but in an endearing way)
- Interior Design (very clean, good use of contrasting color)
- Rear Room (I can already tell she can swallow huge loads, no pun intended)
- One Touch Up Driver's Window
- Headlights (never owned a car that lit up the road so much)
- Speed (the car isn't fast, but it's quick)


- Ropey Shifter (not very precise at all, loose and detached feeling)
- Air Vents (creaky and rattles loudly)
- Stereo System (not unexpected, but not being able to play MP3/Data CDs is weak)
- Speakers (buzzy, over reliance on hollow-sounding bass)
- HVAC Controls (most modern cars make an attempt to stylize the HVAC controls - the V's look like something out of the early 90s)
- Wasted Space in the front cup holders console (poorly designed and wasted space - don't need 2 slots for coins - would rather be able to keep a cell phone or other knick knacks there)
- When I shut the front door, the grill creaks
- Some fit and finish issues

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VersaMG08, I'm from Boston, MA! And Domokun is the shit!

iluvemyVersa08, I'm WeirdFishes from the other Versa forum! And I know the list of cons is kinda long, but each item of positive is worth about three cons, if that makes sense. lol!

And thanks, guys! This forum is more happening than the other.

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So far, I bought these items for my Versa:

- Hexomats (front pair + rear one piece)

- Arometrics Air Freshener "White Caps" (smells like Coolwater, getting sick of it already)

- OEM Spoilder (getting it installed this Friday)

Future Additions:

- Alloy Wheels

- Leather Interior (if I still love the car after 2 years and/or I don't fall in love with the Juke and trade it in by then)

- Front Strut Bar (anyone know of an awesome quality one that is inexpensive?)
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