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Just had to scream that out loud, so to speak. Err.. type. One of, if not THE best value on the market. Went on a 327 mile road trip today. Went home for spring break, so I drove from school to drop my girlfriend off in NH and then I drove home to Boston.

Versa is so close to a perfect car...

- more HP (a Spec V version would be awesome)
- more sound proofing (lots of wind noise)
- tighter handling (let's be honest, the ride is floaty and handling is mediocre... strut bars should improve handling some)
- not-so-whack stock sound system (the lowly XD has a pretty awesome stock Pioneer stereo)


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Agreed!! Would like to see a spec V, or SE-R!! lol. Im replacing my stock speakers next month with 4 JBL 3-way speakers, and a Boston Acustics amp. I bought the Factory 6 disc cd player about a month ago. I am going to do a factory intergration. Its gonna be nice. But agreed with all 4 things!!!
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