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I was on the I-80 in Ohio and noticed a truckload of hatchback vehicles. The odd thing about seeing a truck like this is that most import car shipments are a mixture of different model vehicles of a single car make. But this load was all hatchbacks and they were covered in that white plastic cover so I couldn't tell what type vehicle it was. But the shape of the car was unique to the new Versa hb. I saw two HBs with sheeted body panels last month running around outside of Detroit. They also looked like the new Versa. They were in a pack. I know the Rio is similar in bodystyle so it could be the new Rio. But I am thinking that the re-tooling is done in Acquascalientes. Btw Nissan built a third assembly facility in Mexico. Wondering what is coming out that new facility. The Nissan Micra HB is being built for the MB Smart division, so it could be that. Anyone have info on the above mentioned would be great.:thumb2:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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