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I miss my Versa

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I left for business and left her parked at the airport. I know in my absence, my new exhaust and stereo equip are arriving. Knowing they will sit uninstalled for a week pains my heart :(

I cant wait to get aback to P-burgh and put them in.
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I thought something bad happened. You'll be home soon enough. What exhaust and stereo did you purchase?
yeah i thought the same thing, thought you sold it or it got wrecked. you will get back to it soon
cant wait to see how much you love the exhaust :)
i cant wait to see how much i love the headers! thats rite guys i bought the OBX headers... they should be in tomorrow... dont know when i can install them, maybe this weekend hopefully...
What does headers have to do with this thread?
Yeah nice segway superskunk :p

I thought something was wrong too! I was like "Ah no!"

And it's just separation anxiety :p
SHe's Back

I got my Versa back and my stillen exhaust came. the install was incredibly easy. I love the nice low tone this exhaust has.
I knew you'd like it!
The exhuas ti would recommend to everyone for 230 shipped it was a deal, and so easy to install. as for a stereo, i went for the Pioneer Avic-z3. I still need to run power and instal the amps/subs/speakers, but i was happy to be rid of the stock head unit for now
pics or ban! haha
i was going to post pics of mine but i know how Dave doesnt like pics in the dark... plus my wife took the camera to work...
yeah the stock HU sucked big time I am betting the improvement without all the others is even better, if i where you i would try and do speakers asap too
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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