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amazon seems to be the cheapest place for the panel filter that goes in the stock airbox. If you are getting a cone filter I would suggest over the KN.

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I've had oiled filters before. Never the panel filter, but always a cone. I myself will never go back, I'm sticking with paper filters. Never noticed any gain, a cleaning kit was only good for two cleanings. Well the oil they give will last forever but the actual cleaner was in short supply.

You can get air filters for really cheap. The WIX air filter from rockauto is only $4.99 and if you live close shipping is hardly nothing. I don't live close and I get my WIX air filter and WIX in cabin filter for $24 to my door. BTW WIX is way better quality then the OEM parts.

For me anyway it just makes more sense to swap out the filters every 30k miles then to clean the KN. Plus you're suppose to let the KN dry completely before oiling and reinstalling.

But KN and oiled filters been around forever and people do like them. I'm just saying they aren't for me anymore. Paper filters are just too much easier and cheaper when I crunch the numbers.

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KN makes no guarantee to improving MPG

1.How will a K&N filter affect my vehicle's fuel economy?

There is a relationship between air filter restriction and mileage. The theory behind this is simple, the harder an engine has to work to suck air through the intake tubes and air filter, the more gas gets wasted in the process. Many K&N users report an increase in their fuel economy after beginning to use our air filters, as noted on our testimonial page. However, these experiences do not mean you will also experience a change in your mileage. We certainly understand why it is theoretically possible for a consumer to experience a mileage increase after installing a K&N air filter or intake system, however, we do not go so far as to make a general claim that our air filters and intake systems will provide an increase in mileage.

It is virtually impossible to make sweeping and general claims about mileage. Even the EPA fuel rating numbers for new cars are often not representative of the mileage you actually experience. There are many variables that affect mileage such as: tire inflation, the type of fuel, weather, elevation, the speed at which you drive, the gear in which you drive, the speed with which you accelerate, engine maintenance, excessive idling, cruise control, the grade of motor oil you use, and of course, the condition of your air filter. In short, mileage is complicated.

K&N filters are less restrictive than disposable paper or synthetic air filters and K&N Intake Systems are less restrictive than the factory installed air path. So K&N filter technology could be an important tool, when combined with other elements, to help keep mileage as high as possible.

Oh yeah, there's one more limitation imposed by science. If you take advantage of added power by driving more aggressively, you will reduce mileage. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.
They do make one for horsepower though but you must run the car on a dynometer.

K&N hereby warrants and guaranties to the original retail purchaser of any K&N air intake kit that the vehicle on which the air intake system is installed will gain an increase in horsepower, or K&N will refund the purchase price, including sales tax, to the retail purchaser, subject to the following terms and conditions:

* The K&N air intake system must have been properly installed on the vehicle in accordance with the included K&N instructions.
* The system must be the correct part number for the vehicle upon which it was installed.
* The vehicle must be in good running condition.
* The vehicle must undergo a dynamometer test both before and after the installation of the system, with no changes to the vehicle, except for the installation of the kit. The dyno tests must be performed by the same testing facility and must be performed within 30 days of one another and within 60 days of the date of purchase. The test results or work order for each test must reflect the name and address of the vehicle owner or operator having the test performed; the year, make, model and mileage of the vehicle being tested; and the horsepower results from both tests.
* If the dyno tests show that the vehicle did not gain an increase in horsepower, then the retail purchaser must return the complete air intake system to K&N in its original packaging, together with his or her proof of purchase, the ORIGINALS of the two dyno tests statement requesting a refund in accordance with our Horsepower Guarantee. Upon receipt of all of the foregoing, K&N will refund the full purchase price, including sales tax, to the original retail purchaser.
* This guaranty does not apply to any other costs incurred by the purchase, including, but not limited to, the dyno tests, parts and labor for the installation and removal of the air intake system, shipping costs, rental car, loss of use or incidental damages, if any, and K&N expressly disclaims any and all liability for same.
as far as bringing an item back to the store you bought it you would have to look at their return policy. I doubt they will take an item unless it was defective.

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Don't need HP, with an extra 3hp, I still have to go 55MPH on 55MPH

that's what they claim,
They do not go so far as to make a general claim that their air filters and intake systems will provide an increase in MPG

those who see a MPG increase is because they went from a dirty Air filter to new air filter.

Good search, I no longer want a K&N to increase the MPG

All I have to do is:

Continue using the same fuel 89 octane.
Continue driving at the speed limit.
Continue driving at the highest gear to keep RPMs low.
Continue accelerating no higher than 3,000RPMs.
Continue changing the oil on time and keeping up with the maintenance.
Continue avoiding bumper to bumper traffic.
Continue driving at the speed limit at all times.
Continue using the same motor oil grade that NISSAN recommends

And final,
don't drive with a dirty air filter.

If I just keep doing what I'm doing, a K&N will not do anything to increase the MPG of my Versa :thumb2:

:thumb2: what you said above is the only way to get the best mpg you can.
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