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hi,nissan recommends to change air filter every two years in the middle east. I bought my car second hand 2 years ago, with no history of previous air filter my air filter has an age of anywhere between 2 years to 5 can i determine if i need to change the air filter....after following this, im not interested in K&N.
i would like OEM or any other branded air filter that is little better than the OEM at a reasonable price.the two factors that affect me are-a little better horsepower/acceleration-silent car/ there any brand other than OEM, that can benefit me in the above two factors?or else i would be happy going with OEM =)
I'd say change it every year. If you've never changed it, you'll be shocked how dirty it is:ihih: almost as bad as cabin filter! I used non-OEM, forget what brand.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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