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Hello my name is Andrew,

I have a product which works very well with the Versa, and I'm not here to sell it. I just want to pass one sample around to the members who meet regularly to do reviews for me and test out the device.

This thread is not to have a heated debate on whether this thing works or not, but technical discussions and questions are welcomed.

My main aim here is to familiarize people with this device. Not argue about this product.

I hope it can be passed around. Members who are willing to try this out please provide your mobile phone no. to me via PM so I me or my guys can contact you when we need this back.

Go to my YouTube channel for more videos on this product:

This device smoothens the voltage of the vehicle.
The most common benefits noticed by users are:
Smoother engine and AT gearshifts
Slightly improved engine response
Slightly better mileage (1.5 - 2 mpg)
Better operation of some electronic/electrical device

Not all of the above will be present on all cars.

No commercial links posted here.

If any of you are interested in testing this OR perhaps doing a review, please list your name here.


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I would be willing to try one!! Where do I sign up?

After a couple weeks I will write a review and show everyone my recorded gas mileage before and after. Granted, a couple weeks isn't very much time to test mileage, but I drive the same routes every week so my mileage hasn't fluctuated much since I got my intake and throttle controller. Right now I get around 28.5 mpg almost all city driving.

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Well, brand new cars are starting to use voltage sensing... makes sense.

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There's like 50+ reasons NOT to.

1. NO device with wiring to it that small will be setting ALL voltage in a car even, the wires are comically small for that.

2. Any complicated electronic device in car like ECM or TCM or BCM already has a voltage stabilizer/limiter in it.

3. Better gas mileage? You gotta be kidding! I should also point out the injectors REQUIRE varying voltages to even make the car run right.

4. You DON'T want voltage stabilizing, the alt ramps up and down based on loads, stabilizing volts there means stabilizing amps too and a huge mistake. Not doing it means the battery cannot charge up more when worked harder. The volts if stabilized at that point can now miss whether the charging system has a fault or not. You WANT to see the ups and downs.

5. Wanting one makes you out to be a sucker, plain and simple. Need I say more?

6. It is simply a digital voltmeter, available all over the place at $5 a pop.

7. The plug there appears to be the super cheap Chinese type that breaks up in pieces like the 3rd time you use it.

8. If you WANT voltage stabilized then make up a little box with the voltage number simply printed on it, it will work as well as this device does. You don't even need any wires, you can claim yours is better because it's wifi to the car's charging system and computers, and also tied to the earth's magnetic field to stop global warming. GUARANTEED, that printed number will NOT be changing, that's as stabilized as anything could ever get.

9. Voltage sensing as a late development? (post #8 ) Alternators have been voltage sensing for 70+ years now.

The perfect device for witless purveyors of a 'truth is not truth' world.
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