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Ignition locked

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Terrible with car knowledge so I'm going to post as many details so someone can sift through my stupid to find the issue :)

Went out last night and parked on a slight hill, wheels straight. Nothing out of the ordinary. Got out and key wouldn't turn in the ignition. I was able to turn the wheel left and right to the point where the wheels were actually turning. We tried rocking it a bit, turning the wheel and the key at the same time. Nada. AAA towed home.

Used the shift lock button and was able to get it into both neutral and drive. Tried pushing it a bit while turning the key, still won't turn.

Anyone with experience as to what it could be? Possible fixes?
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have you tried these steps? if so, i cant really think of anything else. its happened on my car before, i just kept trying till i found the sweet spot really.
How to Fix an Ignition Key That Doesn't Turn: 7 Steps
also not trying to thread jack here but keep this in mind when parking on hills!
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get a pair of vise grips put a quarter on each side of ignition key (quarters are to protect key) and grip down on key with vise grips. vise grips are for more leverage. spray wd40 inside key hole. insert and remove key in a semi rapid fashion and while doing so turn key with vise grips. feel out the play of the key. do not simply force the key.. there are clips inside the ignition the need to line up. by pushing the key in and out your are trying to line up the clips... im no expert.. but this has happened to me and i inquired about it with a locksmith and it worked like magic. if you are weary about using vise grips.. try the wd40 with the jiggling method without. if that doesnt work you might want to try the grips. hope this helps! otherwise AAA should be able to provide you with locksmith at a discounted rate. Good luck!
Years ago I had a car ignition lock up on me. The steering wheel was locked and I could not turn it or the key. I actually tried turning the key backwards to the auxiliary and it finally worked. Not sure if your car has a way to try to turn it backward.
Something else is the car must be in park with the brake on in some cases to start. You might want to check to make sure the car is fully in park.
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