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ILDS – Cars N Beaches 4

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Hey guys, I know this is short notice but I figured I'd give it a try.

Date: July 20th
Location: Ruskin, Fl
Time: 11am-4pm
Parking Fee: $2

Little bit of history...

Cars N Beaches was started four years ago as a way for everyone to get together and enjoy the weather, cars, and girls (beaches). We’ve always strived to keep this meet very simple so that people can show up grill, chill, and enjoy what the beach has to offer. As most FL summers are very hot we decided why not be near the water. This year’s Cars N Beaches keeps most of these morals with a few changes.

- YES! This year you can bring your dog!!!!
- Yes! This year you can (Sign up to bring your own Grill/Tent) *Limited*
- Yes! This year you can (Sign up to be a Vendor) *Limited*
- Yes! This year you can (bring your boat, Canoe, and other watercraft.)
- Yes! This Year you can (Bring a Volley Ball.)

- No – If you decide to be “that guy” I will personally ask you to leave. –Ross
- The list of stupid things that people often do at meets is irrelevant. Come out and have a blast, if you’re single there will be too many girls out there for you to leave that way. ;)

* There will be Park Rangers and lifeguards present. If you have any issues please see one of ILDS staff and or Park Rangers.
Anyone interested?
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I'm in. I need to get out more.
I'm in. I need to get out more.
How can we not go when it's like 10 minutes away from the house, lol.

I will do my best not to be "that guy" and keep the burn outs to a minimum, lmao!
Lol. It would be good to see you out there Marc.
Lucky you guys. Im like 40min. away. Doesnt scare me though, I have the gas saver out of the bunch.
Yo I'm down, I'm in Orlando and always off on Saturday's, this sounds like fun.
Sounds good. This should be interesting. Anyone have a good camera?
Would you guys be interested in grilling? I don't have a grill but I'm sure we can bring some hotdogs and stuff.
I have a pop up gas grill.
Sounds good. I can bring hotdogs and burgers. Can one of you guys bring buns and napkins, and the other one bring drinks? Also bring beach chairs if you guys have any. :thumbsup:
Bump! 2 days away...would anyone else like to join us?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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