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Like most of us, I thought I'd just have to live with the lousy stability of my car in the wind, but my local tire shop seems to have been able to take care of much of the problem with just a 4-wheel alignment.

They have a new machine and wanted to use my car to try it out, and since I was there to get new rubber anyway (more on that in a minute), I explained what my problems had been and then said "Go for it."

Turns out everything was just a little off specs, which could explain part of the skittishness. By dialing everything back to where it needed to be, the car drives SO MUCH BETTER! It's like a night and day difference. If it's really windy (35+ MPH gusts, we're talking here), it's still a little wiggly, but NOTHING like before. And I don't feel like I fought 10 rounds with it after a 3+ hour road trip.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the new tires. I am running Cooper Evolution Tour 195/60R15s -- a smidge wider than stock, but MUCH quieter and a great deal smoother riding. They grip wonderfully in wet and snow, and for those reasons, we use them on our cars at the hospital where I work. These cars are run 1400 to 1500 miles a week, so we need to be on good rubber.

Give 'em a try if you're looking to upgrade. They are definitely worth the money!
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