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Impul Body

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Hey everyone, quick question: Where do you buy impul body kit parts (specifically the rear spoiler bc I liiiiiike and want to get Hyper

Thanks all!
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I bet alot of people on here would like to know the answer to that,,I found a site a while back but the parts are very expensive and shipping is also alot,,,,unless you know someone in japan that could send it to you,,it is going to be very expensive,,,but if you want to spend the money I'm sure it can be done,,I will put up the link to the site~~~
yes, crazy expensive! You can try contacting Import Monster and seeing if they'll import it for you. This is what they specialize in!
If you order from import monster doesnt it go to Aus. then is shipped to the US
:eek:mg well that's a lot of $$$. But it's ok. Still on my list thanks for the link! And if done from import monster, how exactly does that work?
I havent bought anything from import monster,,I say send them an e mail telling them what you want and see if they can make it happen,,,next year im planning on doing a couple mods ,,so ill see how they work
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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