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In Cabin Air Filter

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I have yet to change my in cabin filter and it's been over 2 years, and 33K on the odometer. It is recommended we change it yearly (or 20K ... I think ??)

Anyways, my dealership wanted $47.54 for just the filter; that price does not include installation. I thought Canadian Tire might carry it, but no brand of filters there had it for our Versa.

So I ordered some from the following site.

I ordered three filters, and one for my brother's SE-R and with shipping to Canada the total was $39.97!!!! Still cheaper than buying just ONE from my dealership!
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You can buy the filters online from the site I listed above. Very cheap. Then simply change it at home, it's very easy. I was able to change mine and the SER (which was much more of a pain then the Versa) all by myself.

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I agree, use the sites Ashley posted. I used the logicalsource site and it was cheap and easy, and a pretty easy install, just use the DIY that I made up and you'll be fine, dont pay for someone to do it :p lol you'll save so much more doing it yourself anyways. Example: i was going to get it done at a shop down the street from me they were gonna charge me an excess of 100bucks for something i paid less than 20 bucks for (would have paid less if it wasnt for shipping to Canada lol)
I just pulled my glove box to look at my cabin filter, and after 50k miles that filter is filthy. I am waiting until payday to change it this weekend.
You DON'T need to remove the glove box. It would be helpful to remove the small kick panel in the passenger footwell at the leading edge of the console however. This is easily done by turning the plastic screw 1/4 turn 'till it pop's out, then pull out. The panel can now be removed by pulling outward.

Reach up toward the top of the filter up near the firewall and pull the end of the filter that forms the cover out. Then lift upward to clear the bottom tab.
I should've read this post first!
I don't see many prices listed on this thread. Did I do ok paying $18 all in?
$18 isn't bad. I try and buy them with other things like my air filter or an oil filter. Saves me money on shipping. I go through rockauto.
I am gonna change mine this weekend ... Only thing is now I have to remove the LEDs.

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$18 isn't bad. I try and buy them with other things like my air filter or an oil filter. Saves me money on shipping. I go through rockauto.
I just went to one of my favourite local independent shops. Pretty handy for asking questions, making returns, etc:)had to wait overnight delivery tho
I checked mine today. My car has 43,000 on it. To my knowledge it hasn't been changed. Took my fathers air compressor and blew it out until I can get a new one.
Changed the in cabin filter today at 47k. Changed it about one year ago.

Old on the left (top), new on the right (bottom). For some reason the pic is sideways, lol.

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so I don't need to remove the Globe box
I removed mine. Made it easier to access, plus I had to remove the led's and reattach them. Took less than 10 minutes to remove the glove box, filter, put in new filter and reinstall glove box. It's easy.

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The removal of the glove box makes replacement a much easier job, but it is not necessary. I just replaced mine. Took me about 15 minutes with removal of glove box, nstallation of new air filter, and re-install of glove box. TYC 800101P, $14.75 with taxes at Bap Geon in stock. Cheaper then Autozone, O'Reilly's, Advance Autoparts, Napa, and Pepboys.
This is my first post. I am trying to replace the in cabin filter on my 2008 Nissan Versa. So far, I have removed the glove box but am unsure how to proceed from there.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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