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I have over 41,1xx miles in my 2014 Versa. Mine a 5-speed. I usually change the oil and filter every 5 to 6k as per the manual. I use synthetic oil, mainly Mobil 1 EP and M1 EP filter (usually both are really inexpensive at Wal Mart).

I changed the coolant when I reached 30,000 miles--they told me it could go up to 50,000 with no problem, but I plan on changing it evert 30,000.

I changed break-clutch fluid @ 28k miles.

I changed the manual transmission/ differential fluid @ 38k miles (they told me this one should be changed every 30k, so I was kinda overdue, but the say the latest is 40k)

I will change tires in a week. Upgrading from the ContiPro Contact to the Michelin Defender.

I also buy only top tier fuel and use techron or royal purple fuel cleaner additive every 10k miles.

So far the car works well. It doesn't tremble when I turn it off. And most of this maintenance I have done myself.
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