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Inferno Flowlighting (LED Underbody kit)

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I checked out this underbody LED kit. The installation looks pretty straight forward and easy. There are 7 normal colors, 7 ground colors, and 10 multicolor changes. Also, it can be connected to the radio with 10 music patterns. It's also supplied with a remote control so you can stop, turn on and change the settings on the lights! More information can be read here.

Scion tC with the Inferno Flowlighting

Installation PDF:

This looks like it a good kit for starters and newbies alike! :D
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I have this on my car its just a different brand. I was going to get the million color set up but I decided not too cause the "theme/color" of my car is Orange.

Also installation is FAR from easy. Its a bitch. lol The directions are too the point and simple but getting all the wires to the areas that they need to be in is hard, and mounting on the back is also very hard.

The underbody of the car is nearly flat which is also another hard task.

here are some crappy quality pictures of it when I first got it installed.

If anyone is interested Ill take some new pictures and maybe a video for you with it freaking out and doing all kinds of neat patterns.
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How did you mount the lights underneath the body? What did you use and where do you run the wires through?
The front light was really easy to mount cause it just slides up in there.

The side mounts werent too bad because you can "tuck" them along the side of the side skirts so that you cannot see them.

The back was a b****! The light HAS to be a certain distance from the exhaust pipe because of all the fumes coming out and what not. So it is mounted just a little bit above it.

All of the wires meet up undernieth my steering wheel and they plug into a little module that is set up under my radio (on the slanted part above the cup holders). To get the wires up there you have to drill some fat holes and feed the wires through them. It was hard to figure out. lol Installation looks clean though.

Mine also came with the remote and what not, its pretty nifty.
Should take some pictures, just curious of how they mount under the body and sides.
No problem. I will post them up tomorrow when it is day and I can get some pictures. Ill take a bunch for you. lol
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