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I've seen various folks ask questions and want to know if this installation is even possible. I've also asked various dealerships and parts folks, none of which seemed too helpful. I wanted to make this swap and have what looked like an OEM system, so I took the plunge and bought one off of ebay from a reseller for around $400. Here's the unit

If you just have the AM/FM/CD player like I did you will be missing a few things. You will need a satellite radio antenna, a satellite navigation antenna, and some means of doing auxillary input into the unit. You also will not have steering wheel controls or Bluetooth with the unit, unless your vehicle is already equipped. I chose not to attempt a Bluetooth and steering wheel controls as the install was much more complex, the components needed to do them were not readily available, and frankly I don't care to have that in my car. To do the Bluetooth install you need a controller, the harness to your steering wheel and the controls, the harness to your radio, and a microphone. For auxillary input (3mm cable and USB) I chose to use the plugs mounted in the storage box immediately above the radio. The plug is pictured here

The dealers I went to couldn't find this part, perhaps because it is part of the trim bezel, so I just searched ebay until I found the trim bezel complete with this component and bought it. You will also need this cable pictured here, to connect to the rear of the Nav unit. It costs about $40 from the dealer. The part number is in the photo

Here is one navigation antenna, hundreds are available on ebay for under $20

You will also need the antenna for the Sirius/XM satellite radio. Get one with a straight plug as pictured here, not the GM model with a 90 degree plug. They are less than $20 and all over Ebay

here is the rear of the unit so you can see the connections. As you are looking at the unit, left to right in the picture the connections are as follows: far left bottom is the normal AM/FM connection, same connector as you will have in your car; above it and recessed is the XM/Sirius antenna connection; the blue antenna connection is for your satellite navigation; the gray connection to the right is for your Aux input plug previously pictured; and the bottom white plug is for your speakers/power, same as you already have in the car. The top white plug is for the steering wheel/Bluetooth connections which I didn't use.

Installing the unit is straightforward. You will need to swap over the angle brackets on your existing radio to the Nav unit. Once installed everything works fine. I notice better sound quality than I had with the AM/FM CD player, and there is a better equalizer available in the unit. Navigation is ok, but like all maps you need to know what you are doing. For the antennas I left the XM one sitting on the dash and attached it with some Velcro. For the nav antenna I left it under the dash panel and secured it in place behind the radio unit. Finding everything to make it work was a pain, but if you can find a wrecked versa with access to pull the parts plugs and pieces it would be simple. If anyone has questions I would be happy to help
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