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Installing basic Viper alarm on '12 Versa Sedan 1.6S CVT

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How is everyone doing? I registered on the forums hoping to get answered a few questions.
As the title said, I have the basic '12 model. As it was getting annoying to deal with not having power locks and even a pulley inside the car to open the trunk, I decided to buy on eBay the following:

-Viper 350 Plus 1-Way Car Alarm
-522T Trunk Release Solenoid
-524K 5 Wire 4 Door Power Door Lock Kit

After the mailman finally dropped the stuff in my house, I went price hunting to get the stuff installed in the vehicle. The place where had me the most convinced was Best Buy. They offered to do everything for $250. However, the technician told me that if the vehicle's manual door locks are cables instead of metal rods, he wouldn't be able to get the power door locks installed. Another thing he told me was that the vehicle probably needs a "module", which costs between $50 to $100 to get the alarm wired.

After explaining the situation, my questions are the following:

Does anyone know if the manual door locks of my vehicle are cables or metal rods?

Also, does anyone know what the technician means about this "module" to hook the alarm?

I'm sorry for the long post, any help would be appreciated. I will keep this thread updated for future reference.
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I had an alarm system and power locks installed in California for $260 and they supplied everything. the only thing i saw them running was wiring from the actuators that are already in the door. I had nothing added to my car when they installed the system besides the alarm system itself, the wiring and a fuse for the system.
There are actuators already on the doors? I'm not sure if the basic '12 Versa comes with them.

Anyway, here's an update:
I went ahead and took out the front driver side door panel. As suspected, the vehicle came with manual cable door locks. Cable door locks are incompatible with the metal rod power door lock kit I bought. HOWEVER, I found out that there's a cable lock bracket assembly kit available that allows me to hook the power door locks to the car's cable locks.

About the module, I found out while visiting the website that the '12 Versa does NOT come with the module required by Viper to get the alarm working. Which means more expenses. I thought I was being clever and saving money by acquiring all the materials required to convert my car from manual locks to power locks with alarm online. However, these additional expenses are making me think otherwise.

List of my expenses so far:
- Viper 350 Plus 1-Way Car Alarm = $64.70
- 4 Door Power Door Lock Kit = $40.00
- Trunk Release Solenoid = $20.00
Total = $124.70

Aditional materials required:
- Xpresskit ALL Databus Interface Module = $44.88
- 4 Door Cable Lock Bracket Assembly = $20.00
Total Additional Cost = $64.88

Materials Total = $189.58

The Best Buy technician told me that he doesn't work with cable locks. Which means that I'll only be able get the alarm and trunk release installed with them. If I remember correctly, these costs were as follows:

- Alarm Installation= $100
- Trunk Release Solenoid Installation = $30
Installation Costs Total (Excluding Power Door Locks) $130

Materials and installation comes to a grand total of $319.58 so far. (again, excluding power door locks installation, which I'll probably have to shop after I Best Buy installs the alarm and trunk solenoid.)
Holy hell, this is getting more expensive than I thought. The downsides of acquiring a bare-bones. I'll keep you guys updated.
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I have an 09 base model that came with no power locks, no power windows, it was the most downgraded 1.8 you could buy. when the guys i know at G.M. Electronics in concord pulled it apart they said all doors had actuators in them which i had confirmed before myself.
2014 S Versa has cable locks. I installed power locks no problem. You need a hacksaw, cut some of the sheething off and attach the actuators to the cables. They work really well. You'll want to ziptie down the cables. On my front passenger door the door stopped opening all together. After a bit of playing thankfully it began working again. Secured it down and it's been 2-3 months now and no problems and I use the car everyday.

For the trunk pop I used a door actuator. I used a bike brake cable hooked it around and used the same attachment device the actuator came with. I did have to superglue a little metal piece i cut from the bracket so that the cable to stick nice. It has failed me 1 time in 2-3 months. I'm very happy with it. I even had a button up front, but decided I like the idea of only being able to pop it with my key. So after I got my keyless entry all setup I just use that to pop it or maybe the key.
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