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2008 versa hatch. I have looked through this forum trying to figure out how I am able to install a back up camera. There is no solid info on this. Well I spent the past few days installing a full sound system -amps, speakers,sub, and Nav head unit. I just wanted to let you guys know how to install the back up camera since there is no real good info. I got the camera that mounts on the liscense plate bolts, you find them everywhere, and easy to mount. running the wire from the bumper was tricky yet very easy. From the inside of trunk area(hatch) where the latch is there are 2 plastic plugs that need to be popped of, after that pull the weather stripping off the panel, then the whole piece can pop right off, you will see a groumet with wires passing through them, pull the groumet out and you have access to the outside bumper. I used weed wacker line to feed it through the hole. then from the liscence plate area you will see an open area or hole going into bumper. feed another weed wacker line though it. then crawl under bumper and you will see the 2 lines going into the bumper, I attached the 2 with tape and fed it though into the hatch. theres you entry to run your wires for the camera. After running the camera wires through, i replugged the groumet. So most head unit require the reverse switch hook up and the camera needs the 12v to activate it, so here is where you'll find that wire. On the driver's side you will see access holes to replace the tail lights, pop the bigger one of the 2 off, look for the wire harrness, it should mounted on the bolt, unplug it. The wire that you need is the yellow one, T tapped that wire to the camera 12v and the reverse signal wire from the deck together. camera ground I screwed it to the metal part of hatch.

and your done
sorry for miss spell and hope this kind of helps
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