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Hi everyone, am new here and i just bought a nissan tiida with keyless entry.i bought a set of 4 Tiida Door sills with LED illuminated.That is where the problem started.

I wanted it to be like...when any door is open,each individual sills is illuminated.He did dat but at the same time,my keyless system stopped working.I think the keyless system was bypass when he connected the 4 doors through the door switch.I can't start the engine with intelligent key.i can't lock and unlock the trunk by pressing the door handle request but for the driver and passenger's door,its working only when the remote is very close to the door.Infact only a partial keyless system is working.The Intelligent Key system warning light in the instrument panel illuminates red when i push the ignition switch even when i have the remote with me.i even change batteries but in vain.warning chime doesnt sound anymore when in lock position like before.By the way,the transmission is CVT

Am thinking of removing the sills but i have a question,is it possible to reprogram(reinstall) the keyless system and use it like before?
There are sensors in the door which maybe is not recognising the keyless to make it start.

I gonna send it to the dealer for repair but before that, i could use some of your advice.I can't unlock the steering wheel also with intelligent key.

Please reply as soon as possible.
Waiting for your reply

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now it worked ok before this correct? If so it sounds like an issue with it. i am not sure of how the Ikey is set up but it could be the sills are causing a different resistance then the door showing, would it be hard to disconnect them and see if it works ok?

or perhaps someone else may have a clue on this.
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