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Hi all-

Sorry my first post is about a problem with my new Versa.

I bought the car three weeks ago, I have about 1300 miles on it. Last weekend I parked the car in my driveway on Friday and it sat unused until Sunday afternoon. When I went to start it all the dash lights lit up as they normallly would but the car wouldn't start no matter what I tried. Neither FOB could get the car started.

So I went in the house and watched football. About 3 hours later I went out and tried the car again and it started right up.
Called Nissan on Monday Am and made an appointment to take it in yesterday (Friday). They said the BCM is cooked and made a vague reference that it is probably because I was carrying a FOB for my other vehicle on the same key ring.
They're going to replace the BCM (it's ordered) but can this really be true about the other FOB? That seems ridiculous.
The car drove fine since the incident until this AM. I went out and started the car just fine. Got about a mile from my house anfd the KEY light came on on the dash. Got back home, turned the car off and then tried to restart it, No go.

Any help would be appreciated folks!!!
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