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Interior Accent Lighting

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This is where the dealer installed the knob for the footwell leds if you guys are wondering about a year ago. Press once to turn off/on, hold to cycle through 20 different colors. I prefered the OEM look is why I bought it.

Similar to the kit offered on the Cube Krom
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I like how the Cube has the L.E.D's inside the cup holders
I wish they had this here for a decent price. The dealer wanted over $100 to install and purchase the bumper protector. The entire cost of the bumper protector was $30 US with tax in Myrtle Beach. And all it was is a sticker that I stuck on to the bumper.

No way was I even going to ask how much the interior led's would be.

So for $20 my brother installed them for me :) And they come on automatically when the car is turned off, that way I can never forget to turn them on or off ;)

He said a friend of his has neon tubes that he is not using anymore, and they can be pink, so he is going to get the for me for free ;) Looking forward to adding some more next spring. I want a couple LED's in the cupholders. That is a bit dark at night.
I like how the Cube has the L.E.D's inside the cup holders
The Versa has the LEDs in the cupholders too, looks awesome at night.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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